Table of Contents:

Finder context menu item with Automator

I want to create a context menu item in to open selected items with Emacs. So why not document it for others to see. Might be instructive for some as well.

  • Open the
  • Create a new document of the type Quick Action.
  • On the right side of the window select files or folders and
  • On the left side select Run Shell Script action and drag it onto the canvas to build the workflow.
  • In the Run Shell Script step change the Pass input to as arguments.
  • With the following script one can select either one or more files/directories.
for f in "$@"
    open -a Emacs "$f"

exit 0
  • Go to File -> Save in the menu to save the workflow. Choose a name which will appear in the context menu.
  • That is it. You will now find your new item in the context menu.