Custom Emacs themes

Yet another Emacs theme?

We are talking about GNU Emacs here.

GNU software are “Supported by the Free Software Foundation” and the FSF is a proponent of free software. Since one of the corner stones of free software is contribution I didn’t want to just consume Emacs.

Now I am no wizard in writing Emacs Lisp. Far from it. However I wanted to create a few packages that might be of use to me and to some other people – how ever little the number is.

Creating a theme seems a good starting point, right?

The themes


Color theme with cyan as a dominant color.

See the readme file for customization options.


Color theme inspired by the macOS UI.

This theme has a dark and a light “flavour”. Customize timu-macos-flavour to control it.

For further information on the theme you can take a look at the readme file.


Color theme inspired by the Rouge Theme for VSCode.

You can read up on the options of the theme in the readme file.


Emacs color theme inspired by the Spacegray theme in Sublime Text.

This theme also has a dark and a light “flavour”. You just have to customize the variable timu-spacegrey-flavour.

There are a few more options to this theme. You can find these in the readme file.

Credit & inspiration

Note: There are Emacs ports of some of these themes already, however I wanted support for more packages and a few different colors/faces. I also will be slowly adding more and more customization options.


I know there is already an immense amount of themes available in the various package archives.

Still, creating these themes has been quite a lesson for me to get to know some of the infrastructure around Emacs. Plus I can now write a little more Emacs Lisp. Worth it!