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Brief #2 - Change Mac name(s) with scutil


This one will show you (and future me) how to change the name of my Mac quickly on the Terminal.

We user the command line utility that comes built-in macOS scutil.

scutil – Manage system configuration parameters

The How-To

The relevant portion of man scutil says:

--get pref
    Retrieves the specified preference.  The current value will be
    reported on standard output.

    Supported preferences include:

          ComputerName   The user-friendly name for the system.

          LocalHostName  The local (Bonjour) host name.

          HostName       The name associated with hostname(1) and

--set pref [newval]
    Updates the specified preference with the new value.  If the new
    value is not specified on the command line then it will be read from
    standard input.

    Supported preferences include: ComputerName LocalHostName HostName

    The --set option requires super-user access.

With this we can change our Mac name(s) like so:

sudo scutil --set ComputerName MyAwesomeMac
sudo scutil --set LocalHostName MyAwesomeMac
sudo scutil --set HostName MyAwesomeMac


This one is an extremely short one. But quite useful for copy & paste.

For NetBIOS Networks (like WIN based networks; AD and the sorts) you can change the NetBIOS name like so:
sudo defaults write \
     /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ \
     NetBIOSName MyAwesomeMac